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Created 27-May-13
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We are so blessed to have a new puppy dog in our lives! We brought our little Abigail home on Saturday, May 25th, after much searching. She is a 14 week old Golden Retriever, and she had us at hello (or…sit, smile, and wag!).
There's no doubt she was sent to us from Heaven, and she's such an angel! She's so attentive and has already learned so much in just a few days. We're in for a whole lotta happy!
Our new little girl!About to take her home!Gotta love that smile!All is right with the worldMy sweet girl, AbigailPuppy in motionShe's pretty specialLove for her elephantRest time…who's the cutest of them all?Grass is goodI'm here for youDay is done

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