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Created 13-Feb-15
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The highlight of my last visit to Safari Park was Addison and her beautiful family of cheetah cubs. The four cubs, 2 males and 2 females, are 7 months old now and growing up fast. They were more active than I’d ever seen them before. After feeding time, they seemed to be energized, playfully running and wrestling with each other. I think I had as much fun watching them as they had playing! But I think my favorite scenes were the sweet moments when the cubs were interacting with their mom. Addison is doing such a wonderful job raising these cubs, and it’s clear there’s lots of love between them!
A Mother's LoveCuriousBorn to RunGotcha!Mommy's KissesTackle!TogethernessCub at RestBuilt For SpeedBack Attack!Sharing SpotsTails - You're It!Learning From MomReadyLike Mother, Like Cub

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