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Created 3-Jul-14
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I've finally gathered the photos I’d taken at this year’s Butterfly Jungle at Safari Park. I only got the chance to make a few short visits, but they were magical! As in year’s past, it was a delight to be surrounded by the flutter of butterfly wings. And there was such a wonderful variety - each one like a flying work of art, with so many different colors and patterns defining their beauty. Some even have an entirely different look on each side of their wings, making it look like a whole new butterfly when closed wings open to reveal the surprise. I tried using a new close-up lens for a few of the photos, and it was fun to get a different perspective. I even got a glimpse at a few varieties that I don’t remember ever seeing before. So, this is my butterfly collection for 2014!
Tailed Jay ButterflyCydno Longwing ButterflyGreat Orange Tip ButterflyPaper Kite ButterflyRed Lacewing ButterflyOrange Julia ButterflyWhite Peacock ButterflyBrown Siproeta ButterflyPaper Kite ButterflyTiger Mimic Queen ButterflyTailed Jay ButterflyCydno Longwing ButterflyPaper Kite ButterflyBlue Glassy Tiger ButterflyTailed Jay ButterflyGreat Orange Tip ButterfliesPaper Kite ButterflyWhite Peacock ButterflyGreat Orange Tip ButterflyOrange Julia and Cydno Longwing Butterflies

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