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Created 10-Feb-13
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In the world of wild animals, I've always felt a special attraction to cats.
There's something familiar about them, reminding me of the lovable domestic kitty cats I've shared my heart with. I find it easy to feel an emotional connection with the bigger, untamed version, while still respecting their fierce nature.
I'm awed by their beauty, impressed with their power and agility, intrigued by their mystery.

Cats are cool!
BakkaWatchfulCatnapMagnificent DiegoPretty Little GirlMaking an AppearancePuma PoseOrsonHauiGuapo - yes he is handsome!LynxA Wade in the PoolBakkaCat of MysteryRelaxin'Love ya mom!Super Serious BeauPrimoryeRikiTiger in the Jungle

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