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Created 25-Sep-14
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Cats have a beauty all their own. No matter their size or species, there are certain similarities in structure and behavior that are recognizable as “cat”. The big cats are among my favorite animals, and I’m intrigued by how each species can be so alike, and yet so distinctly different. The appearance alone between the tiger, leopard, and jaguar makes them stand out as unique animals. The tiger’s stripes, leopard’s spots, and jaguar’s rosettes are visual masterpieces! God’s creatures have been well designed with delicate details that give them effective camouflage, and also appeal to our sense of beauty & admiration. Their patterns have been imitated in many forms of art, and in the clothes we wear. Those big cat markings help us tell each species apart (everyone knows tigers have stripes), but the stripe patterns also differ on each individual tiger, making them truly unique! The same is true for a leopard’s spots and a jaguar’s rosettes - like a human fingerprint, no two are alike!
These big cats are wonderfully different, but they have one thing in common…
they got cat class, and they got cat style!
The Eyes of the TigerContentmentJungle JaguarLounging in the ShadeNo Changing A Leopard's SpotsNIndiri on the MoveSeriousIn His SightsShowing Some TeethAll SmilesLeopard LaughQueen of All She SurveysSun SpotsUntamed BeautyStrutting His StuffConnor's Sweet FaceSpottedDescendingComposedStripes Are Always in Fashion

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