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Created 17-Jan-13
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The two clouded leopard brothers have recently begun their new careers as animal ambassadors at the San Diego Zoo. They've even made a few appearances at Backstage Pass. I was fortunate enough to see the cubs once more in the nursery before they moved to their new location behind the scenes. Riki-san and Haui-san have already touched many hearts and will continue to touch many more while helping people to learn more about the amazing clouded leopard. The fun has only just begun for these little guys!
Riki-sanSleepytimeGiraffe AttackHead in the cloudsChillaxin'Ready for my close-up!Having a ball!That's the spot!RugratFur-ociousOut on a limbWho let the cat out of the bag?IrresistableLaid Back CatHappy kitty, Sleepy kitty

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