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Cats in the wild are so varied, and these two species, both considered medium size cats, have very distinct differences.
The fishing cat has short legs and a stocky build. Their size is about double that of a domestic cat, males weighing up to 30 pounds.The coat includes both stripes and spots. Though fish is their main source of food, they also preys on snakes, rodents, birds, and larger animal like goats. Most commonly found in wetlands, fishing cats are naturals in the water and can swim long distances, even underwater.
The Siberian lynx has very long hind legs, allowing them to jump up to 10 feet to catch their prey. Males can weigh over 60 pounds. Their light-colored coats have more subtle spots, and they have distinctive tufts of hair on top of their ears. In the wild, lynx hunt animals up to four times their size, like deer and reindeer, in addition to small animals.
Two cats, similar, but yet so very different.
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