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Created 23-Aug-14
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What a thrill it was to see Diego during a training session with Cari and April! He is the most colorful, splendidly patterned cat I have ever laid eyes on!
Ocelots vary in color, with a background of light yellow to reddish-brown, and white or cream on the belly, with various markings of black or brown spots and stripes. The face includes dark stripes on the cheeks and over the head, with white fur around the eyes. The spots on the cat’s side and back can be similar to rosettes, or link together to form a chain pattern or stripes. They appear different on every ocelot, and each cat has a different pattern on each side. Because of this intricately designed coat, ocelots are also called painted leopards.
Diego is a rich golden color, with distinctive dark markings contrasted by white. He has such depth and artistry in his face and coat, he’s quite the handsome cat!
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