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Created 19-Oct-13
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Cats are creatures of great beauty and diversity, and wild cats have an added mystery about them. Though there's a certain familiarity, the great size and strength of the big cats inspires awe. There are 36 different species of wild cats, all having unique characteristics and abilities. A list can be found at Here are shots of a few of those species I've taken recently, plus a few I'd never shared before of Tikal and Maderas, the jaguars, and Riki-san, the clouded leopard, who've moved on from the San Diego Zoo to new locations. I can't help feeling a special draw to visit the cats each time I go to the Zoo, and I continue to be fascinated by each and every one!
HappyFocusedRiki-sanDon't bother me, I'm trying to sleepSighContent CatLion HeartedPeeking OverWhat? I had an itch!SkyRuggedly HandsomeLooking SharpPowerfulSpotted by StripesBeau in the ShadowsProfileTreasure FoundJamaStand Up for TigersCloud in the Forest

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