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Created 4-Jan-13
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Clouded Leopard Cubs Haui-san and Riki-san have been entertaining many fans at the San Diego Zoo nursery for the last few weeks. They've been showing off their increased skills at climbing, and are landing on their feet more often when they take flying leaps across the room. They are already stars, and will make great ambassadors for their species, giving many people a personal experience with these beautiful animals that are rarely spotted in their natural habitat, and are considered vulnerable to extinction due to their declining populations. Play on boys!
Laughing LeopardAll sweetnessComfy CloudWhat's up?I hunt toys!Musical chairsMy, what big teeth you have!Prepared to pounce!Double troubleYou're mine, Stick!Who, me?Leafy greensSnuggle timePreciousFace offHang TimePet my belly?Crazy CatsSoft kitty, Warm kitty, Little ball of furContemplative Cat

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