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Created 13-Jan-14
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Ganda has already made quite a name for herself during her short time in the San Diego Zoo nursery. She's made fans of many visitors who've enjoyed her playfulness and admired her beauty. She'll be moving to Backstage Pass soon and continue to be a star on their stage. It's quite a treat to see a clouded leopard, since they tend to be secretive and are rarely seen in their natural habitat - the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Ganda will be a wonderful ambassador for her species.
Ganda the Pretty Girlsometimes i sits and thinksand sometimes i gots to say something!Office AssistantCuddle timeFile it under "B" for BedDeep ThoughtsSeeing Eye to EyeLook of AdorationA quiet momentWhat's up here?Balance BeamI'm hidingA Girl's Gotta Look GoodThinking Outside the BoxHelloRag DollWhat Happy Looks Like

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