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Created 7-Aug-14
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Nick and I are so lucky to have our Abigail! Well, okay, it’s not luck…she’s a gift sent directly from our loving God who knows exactly who we are, and who knew we needed this very special puppy dog to enrich our lives. Every dog has a personality all their own, and she is so perfect for us! I’m in awe of her many wonderful attributes, and I'm still discovering all the things that make her who she is.
Maybe I’m biased, but she’s the most beautiful dog my eyes have ever seen. She’s a Golden Retriever through and through - her silky, soft coat, feathery wagging tail, and face full of sweetness just make me smile every time I look at her. I’m constantly amazed at how smart she is - she’s been able to learn a long list of tricks and behaviors I’ve taught her, as well as showing creativity on her own. She is outgoing and sociable, always thrilled to meet new people, and constantly looking for any opportunity to play with another dog. She loves taking fast-paced walks with me and seems to have endless energy. After a vigorous four mile walk, we get home and I expect her to be tired, but she runs over to get a toy, all ready to play!
She’s not quite a year and a half old, but she’s so smart and capable of so much, sometimes I forget she’s still a puppy, and I’m surprised when she has her less focused moments. Like when we’re practicing some behaviors she’s done well many times, and in the middle of doing a figure 8 through my legs she suddenly stops, zoned into something that caught her eye: "Oh, my goodness! It’s a LEAF! Isn’t that the most fascinating thing you’ve ever seen?”
Abigail is a fun-loving, playful, enthusiastic puppy dog that keeps us laughing. She also has an innate calmness, a peaceful grace, and seems to be a deep thinker. She’s more than I could have ever hoped for in a dog! She’s the best, and we love our girl, the center of our world…more precious than gold!
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