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Created 24-Aug-13
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A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Haui-san, the clouded leopard, who will be one year old on August 25th!
I remember seeing him when he first came to the San Diego Zoo at just 3 months old. I've included a photo I took back then, when he was just a little cub! And now, he's grown so much, and is one of the famous stars of the Backstage Pass.
Clouded Leopards are so amazing, with their unique clouded fur pattern, and tails as long as their bodies. They are one of the best climbers of the cat family, in part due to those tails which they use for balance. They are an endangered species, and reclusive by nature, so they're rarely seen the the wild. But thanks to trainers who work with Haui every day, many people are fortunate enough to see him up close, and learn more about him.
Congratulations to Haui, the birthday boy!
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