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Created 3-Feb-13
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I can't imagine a world without animals. They color our lives in so many ways.
I'm in awe of the vast assortment of animals that exist! And each with unique qualities and strengths that make them stand out.
Of course, people have favorites, that mean something special to them. And some of us have been blessed with our own animals that have become a part of our family, and have made our lives richer.
Animals touch us, they teach us; they make us smile.
I get a special feeling when I'm around animals that feeds my soul.

It must be love!
Bright on BlackSittin' in a treeBeautiful ShabaHow'd you get so handsome?MakaliOn WatchGuapoAlmost two years oldSnow QueenFlynnAppearing in the darkBaby MaderasBaby TikalBrother and SisterNoshingHer highness, the lionessLooking thoughtfulSnooze timeEver vigilantSweet Tatqiq

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