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Created 25-Jun-12
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The two jaguar cubs at the San Diego Zoo are beyond cute!
They are little now, but won't stay that way for long. They're growing fast, and will be about 70 to 200 pounds when full grown.
The beautiful markings on their coats aren't actually called spots - they're rosettes (an irregular border, often with a spot in the middle).
As for being kitties…they are cats, no doubt, but quite ferocious as adults. The South American native word for jaguar, yaguara, means "animal that kills in a single bound".
Jaguars are an endangered species, and it's a rare treat to be able to see these adorable cubs. They were born on April 26th, a boy & a girl. The girl, Maderas, has a personality very much like her feisty mom, Nindiri. The boy, Tikal, is more laid back, like his father, Guapo. They recently were given access to the outdoor exhibit so they have a much larger space to move, and they've been investigating a bit further each day. Nindiri is being a wonderful mother. It's amazing to see her nurturing side, and she seems to be having the time of her life!
TikalTikalTikalTikalTikal & MaderasMaderasMaderas, the HunterMaderasTikal, the HunterTikalMaderasMaderasMaderasMaderas & TikalMaderasTikalMaderasMaderasDon't bite my head off!Tikal & Maderas

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