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Created 10-Jan-14
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African Servals are fascinating cats - their slender bodies are marked with both stripes and spots, and they have distinctive extra large ears (the biggest of any cat).
I had the privilege of meeting Jabari for the first time while he was out for a walk with his trainers. He's a part of the Backstage Pass Program at the San Diego Zoo, giving many people a chance to learn more about the serval and get to see him in a close, personal setting.

Servals are considered a medium size cat, weighing up to 40 pounds. They use their large ears to listen for approaching prey, and can leap 9 feet up into the air to catch a bird or force their weight back down upon a small rodent.

Having the opportunity to see such an amazing creature up close is an unforgettable experience. I'm grateful to Maureen and Lorena, and all the trainers at Backstage Pass for making it a possibility for many visitors every day.
Portrait of JabariStrike a PoseWho's watching who?I got it!Maureen and JabariLorena and JabariJabari looking festiveJabari, a Very Special Serval

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