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Created 23-Apr-13
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It's no secret that I'm in awe of the beauty of the jaguar. So it's not surprising that I fell for the jaguar cubs, Tikal and Maderas, when I first laid eyes them while they were just little bitty things!
They've grown up quite a bit, and are now bigger than their mom, Nindiri. They'll be celebrating their first birthday on April 26th!
Watching them this passed year has been an unforgettable experience. Nindiri has been an incredible mom, nurturing them, and teaching them all about being a jaguar. It's been a joy to watch their personalities develop, and be entertained by the interactions between family members.
I'm so grateful to the San Diego Zoo for giving us all the opportunity to fall in love with these amazing wild creatures and learn how to be better caretakers for the animals in our world.
Happy Birthday Tikal and Maderas!
Maderas the Jungle JagNindiriHere Come the JagsOne paw in front of the otherWhat's up?Face OffSee how ferocious I am, Mom?I get the feeling you're not taking me seriouslySweetness and Charm"Say Uncle"Contemplating…waterHugsLoungingRumble in the JungleSleepy Tired TikalI'm gonna make you mine, big blue tub!Conquering the TubMY Tub!Mommy! He's touching me!Smiley Face

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