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Created 14-Aug-12
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The jaguar family at the San Diego Zoo is thriving! Nindiri continues to be a terrific mom to her two cubs, Tikal & Maderas. At 3 ½ months, they are growing fast, becoming skilled climbers, and can even be seen in the pool now & then. Jaguars, unlike many cats, are excellent swimmers. The cubs spend much of their day stalking each other and roughhousing, often including mom, who joins right in!
Guapo, the very handsome father, can be seen on exhibit when Nindiri and the cubs are not. Jaguars are solitary in the wild, and a mother would not tolerate having the father near her cubs.

It's both fascinating and amusing to watch the interaction between Nindiri, Tikal, & Maderas. Jaguars are known for being powerful and fierce, and yet within the family dynamic, there is plenty of playful fun!

It's a privilege to share some of my photos of these beautiful creatures.
NindiriMaderasKisses and hugsTikalGuapoSure-footed cubsRelaxin'NindiriI love my brother!I got a hold on youI'm ready for my close-up!MaderasNindiriHangin' outHello out there!Cub pileTailBathtimeTikalSweet Innocence

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