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Created 21-Jan-15
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I get such a kick out of watching Kamari, the African Serval cub at the San Diego Zoo! The world is his playground, and his waking hours are filled with running, climbing, pouncing, and playing with everything he finds, especially his mom, Onshe! I’ve seen him jump a few feet straight up from a still position to land an attack on his mother. She takes it all in stride, and is sometimes inspired to join in on the fun, playing ‘chase me, chase you’, and romping with her happy boy. Kamari has become an agile and sure footed cat, balancing effortlessly on the highest cross-branch, and bounding from the ground, ledge to ledge, and to the uppermost rock in a split second. His energy and playful antics are a source of endless entertainment!
Kitten FaceA Bond of Love and PlayConfident KamariMother and SonOn the CatwalkKamari the Clever CubMommy, Mommy, Mommy!Making an AppearanceSilly ServalFriskyI Wanna Stay Here, Mom!SweetnessThe Playful Side of MomDiscovering TinkerbellUh Oh!Mom to the RescueHIgh Speed ServalI Love You, Mommy!PonderingMy How You've Grown!

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