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Created 6-Mar-13
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Xiao Liwu, the giant panda cub born on July 29th, continues to live up to the meaning of his name, "little gift", and he keeps on giving! It's hard to resist his natural cuteness, even while asleep. But when he's awake and active, he's full of surprises! He's gotten quite good at climbing, and his confidence is evident as he effortlessly explores the highest branches. Without really trying, he entertains his fans with his waddling walk, amusing poses, and an occasional play session with mom.
Little Wu is quite the charmer!
Peek-a-Wu!Upside DownMommy loves meHanging out of bedHere I come!Am I in trouble?The fine art of climbingBalancedContortionistWu coming throughGoing DownCaught you looking!Smiley WuHigh UpTree HuggerPrecarious place for a napI'm a big boy, Mommy!Sittin' in a treeA good place to restCuteness and Charm

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