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Created 20-Apr-13
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I have!
I caught Skyy and Stolli awake and active on a few recent visits to the San Diego Zoo. They are both Siberian lynx, a subspecies of Eurasian lynx found in Europe, northern Asia, and the Middle East. The Siberian lynx is the largest of all the lynx; males can weigh up to 84 pounds. The name "lynx" comes from the Greek word "to shine", and may be in reference to the reflective ability of the cat's eyes.
I love their distinguishing characteristics: the long black tufts on their ears, a flared facial ruff, and a short black tipped tail. They also have long hind legs, and large paws with fur on the soles that give them traction in the snow. Skilled hunters, they prey on animals as large as deer, and their eyesight is so strong, they can spot a mouse 250 feet away.
Skyy, the female, treated me to some of her vocalizations while I was there, sounding like something between a meow and a yowl. Lynx can also purr. Maybe I'll even get to hear that someday!
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