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Created 10-May-13
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After watching and waiting for weeks, Nicky gave birth on Thursday, 5/9/13, to an adorable little girl. The new giraffe calf weighed in at 162 pounds and measured 6 feet 3 inches tall. ...Okay, so maybe she's not so little! I got a few shots at one day old, and a few more at one week. She's been getting plenty of TLC. She's got mom nearby, some attention from dad, and her "Aunt" Bahati (who's also expecting) continues to show her a special affection. It takes a village…
Baby FaceTLCCuddlesMommy's GirlSweet girlGot Milk?Hangin' with the herdEars to grow intoJust a little thing!Close to mommyLittle girl and big daddyIt does a baby good!Blending inAuntie loves me

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