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Created 18-Oct-12
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Jaguar cubs Tikal & Maderas are getting bigger every day. At almost 6 months old, they're beginning to look like miniature versions of adult Jaguars. They still get plenty of playtime in, with each other and their mom, Nindiri. Every day is a new adventure with these two!

Have you seen this kind of cat?
I've watched them play, but you know that.
If you never have, you should.
These cubs are fun and fun is good!
This is the life!Tikal & MaderasMaderasMaderasHappy MealAir Attack!Tickled TikalFocused gazeCan you hear me now?Wide Eyed WonderTake DownTikalSunset StrollPrecious MaderasPrepared to pounceMommy!Water CubBathtime after a swimTikal & MaderasTikal

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