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Created 10-Jul-21
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What a treat it is to see this gorgeous girl! I have often said that her mom, Mek, was the most beautiful tiger I had ever seen, and Batari shares that sleek beauty. It's so special to know she's a sister of the much loved boys, Cinta and Berani, who have been here in San Diego since May of 2015. It seems like she's getting more and more comfortable in her new environment and I've enjoyed seeing her personality come out. She was even resting in a belly up position one evening, though behind a rock so I couldn't see much of her. But she did lift her head and peak over for a moment - I had to wonder if she was just making sure her visitors were enjoying the cuteness. 🥰 Batari the female Malayan Tiger born January 5th, 2014
Beautiful Batari

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