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Created 11-May-13
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Our sweet Jessica has gone on to be with the angels, to run and play in the Heavenly dog parks with other wonderful dogs we've known.

We have been so blessed to have her in our lives these past 13 years, truly a gift from God! She's been more than we could have ever hoped for in a dog. A constant source of joy, she knew how to make us laugh even in the most difficult times.
Not long after we lost our first dog, a sympathetic friend introduced us to a family that had a new litter of pups. We fell in love with the most energetic and playful of the bunch, visiting often from when she was 3 weeks old until we brought her home at 7 weeks. She's filled our lives with her goodness ever since.
We'll miss the puppy grunts she gave us when we petted her velvet ears, the playful dancing and standing on her head when it's time for a walk, her enthusiasm when it was time to do tricks, her love of big sticks, and the twinkle in her eye as she watched for us to notice she was in silly belly position to make us laugh. We'll miss having her ride along side us everywhere we go, and being our constant companion.
But her job here is done and it's time to move on. She's made us better people and made our lives richer. I'm sure they'll be plenty of biscuits for her in Heaven, and she deserves every one! What a GOOD GIRL!
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