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Created 17-Jan-17
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The two Patagonian maras, Brigette and Luigi, seem to be getting comfortable in the exhibit they share with the anteaters, Lucy and Orion, although Orion’s curiosity is keeping them on their toes. The Patagonian mara (also called Patagonian Cavy) is only found in Argentina and has been described as looking like a large rabbit mixed with a small deer, but is actually a rodent. Their movement is similar to a deer or antelope when they run, but they can also move at high-speed in rapid bounces using all four limbs at once (called stotting), and can reach speeds of about 28 miles per hour. Maras have well developed sensory organs which helps them communicate in habitats of low shrub or open plain. They are monogamous, which is unusual for mammals. Their long hind limbs end in three digits, each bearing a hoof like claw. In contrast, the front limbs are shorter, with four sharp claws that help them to dig burrows to protect their young. It will be fun getting to know this new pair!
Like a Bunny, But BiggerLuigi and BrigettePuddle JumpingMuddy MaraA Closer LookMara on the MoveWalk Like a PatagonianPatagonian MaraPatagonian MaraTaking in the Scent

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