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Created 5-Aug-15
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As his name suggests, Guapo is a handsome cat, but he’s so much more - I would say he’s strikingly handsome! He doesn’t just get by on good looks alone, though. He’s fathered three cubs now, and his youngest son, Valerio is becoming more like him every day. Guapo is a big boy, an impressive jaguar, but he’s such a gentle spirit compared to Valerio’s mom, Nindiri. Nindiri makes no secret about being a wild and ferocious cat, but Guapo is more of a teddy bear. Don’t get me wrong…he is to be respected as a jaguar and no one would go into an enclosure with him, but when I look into his eyes there’s a sweetness there. He’s a pretty special guy!
Genuine Jaguar

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