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Created 15-Mar-16
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Valerio turned one year old on Saturday, and his keepers made sure it was a special day for he and his mom, Nindiri! Of course there was cake, a two-tiered bloodsicle with hunks of meat frozen in it. You can’t get that at Baskin Robbins! And he had treats of all sorts spread around his enclosure to find. There were pieces of meat hidden high and low. Valerio had a blast rolling in some browse with scents of other animals. There were specially decorated gourds, one of his favorite things to play with. He pawed at some cabbage heads like they might come to life, and he enjoyed chewing on the freshly dropped antlers. He had a great time sharing it all with his wonderful mom, Nindiri! Thanks to Kimberly, Becky, and Ashley for making his birthday a fun time for the jaguars and everyone who came to help him celebrate!
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