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Created 17-Jun-15
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He continues to delight his admiring public! He brings out the very best in his mom, Nindiri, and the two of them play like kittens of very different sizes. He’s a big, gregarious personality, packed into a miniature jaguar body. And yet, he’s growing so fast, I’m afraid to blink and miss some of the fun. He doesn’t have to work at it; his exceptional cuteness comes naturally! He is Valerio…he is strong, indeed, with the power to capture our very hearts!
V is for ValerioA Cool DrinkWisdom Passed from Paw to PawAnd Sometimes I Just SitsStealthA Kiss on the HeadA Different PerspectiveVictory for Valerio!AlertMother and ChildCat on a BoxSneak AttackOn a MissionLIfe is GoodWild and Crazy Fun!Valerio - To Be StrongUntil We Meet Again

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