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Created 5-Jul-16
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They say variety is the spice of life, and that's certainly true in the world of animals! I’m constantly amazed by the many and varied creatures God has blessed us with here on earth. The beauty and diversity, and the part each individual plays to affect all other living things - it’s pretty incredible to think about! Every visit to the San Diego Zoo is a reminder of the wonder of our vast ecosystem. It’s always a joy to see these animals and so many more, and appreciate that each one is precious!
VibranceThe Cuteness of ClarkBright ReflectionsSweet, Wet and SandyA Daddy of Great HeightStrutting His StuffG'Day Mate!Classic Black and WhiteThe Blue Do Looks Lovely on YouPersonable PeccarySnacktimeYour Future is Bright Little OneLittle Spots, Big SpotsDistinct and DistinguishedRefreshed and ReadyA Peek from the PouchMarvelous Meerkat

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