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Created 9-Mar-18
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He’s growing fast, at almost 3 months old now, but still looks like a little stuffed animal compared to the rest of his herd. Then again, it may be hard to think of a baby that was 6’1” at birth as little. Jimbashor is a special boy, born on 12-17-17 to mom Harriet and dad Silver (who had passed away on 10-26-16, after a long and happy life). He’s the last son of Silver, who fathered 25 other giraffe calves during his life. The gestation period for a giraffe is 13-15 months, and there was quite a bit of time between losing Silver and the birth of Jimbashor. Even though Silver didn’t get to see his young son, many of us see Silver in this precious boy, and are touched by the memories.
And now he’s making memories for all the visitors who’ve become fans after watching him with Harriet and the rest of the herd. There are always squeals of delight to be herd when Jimbashor is spotted!
Jimbashor, the Baby Giraffe

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