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Created 8-Sep-19
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Mkali, the serval, is quite distinctive with her beautiful coat of both spots and stripes, her lovely long legs, and excellent listening skills! Servals have the biggest ears and the longest legs of any cat relative to it’s body size. Their ears allow them to hear the high-pitched ultrasonic communications of rodents. With their legs, they can leap over 6 feet in the air to catch a bird or insect, or to pounce on a rodent. Servals may be the best hunters of all the cats. While other wild cats are successful 1 out of 5 or 6 attempts to kill their prey, servals have success about 50% of the time. And having seen Mkali when she was a kitten, I can attest to the incredible cuteness of serval babies, too! Mkali the female Serval 5-13-15
Mkali, a Fascinating FelineNo Sound Left UnheardPaw Tucked Nice and Neat

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