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Created 12-Sep-15
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Remember little Kamari, the African serval kitten? He was Onshe’s first born, and the first baby serval I ever saw. He was a joy to watch as he grew from a fuzzy headed kitten into a more independent young cat, all the while making visitors laugh with his frisky, playful antics. His mom often joined in on the fun, and was a wonderful first-time mom, teaching him well.

Well, Kamari is almost a year old now, and I was so happy to see him grown up and appearing on the San Diego Zoo entrance stage in his new role as animal ambassador! He and his trainers were giving visitors a close up look and a memorable experience learning more about servals. Great job, Kamari! You’re a star, and I can say, “I remember him when…”!
Kitten Face - at One Month OldKamari the Star!Precious Kamari - at Two Months OldKamari Grown UpBright Eyes - at Three Months OldKamari the Animal AmbassadorKamari on Stage

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