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Created 30-Apr-16
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Not a sight you see everyday, and certainly unusual for San Diego, the jaguars at the Zoo got to experience their first snow! Nindiri was not particularly impressed, and chose to go around it more than through it, but Valerio was brave and adventurous, and seemed to enjoy the novelty of it all. For me, the view of the incredibly gorgeous Valerio in the pure white snow was absolutely breathtaking! Thanks to the generous donors and the San Diego Zoo for a day I’ll never forget!
Jaguar in the Snow...a Rare and Beautiful SightA Refreshing TasteThe Mighty Nindiri...Above It AllPawprints in the SnowIt's Hard to Resist such Cuteness and CharmDiscoveryResting His Tired HeadStepping Softly in the SnowThe Gorgeous Snow JagOn Higher Ground

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