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Created 9-Jun-16
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I got a peek, yesterday, at the new addition to the klipspringer family at the San Diego Zoo. The female calf is just a month old, born on May 9th, and already she’s very light on her feet. Klipspringers walk on the tips of their hooves, an adaption to the rocky terrain they inhabit in Southern Africa. This little girl looks like a ballerina on point, jumping from rock to rock. She seemed to be getting encouragement from her father, who stood nearby. Only male klipspringers have the short, spiky horns that he was showing off while he held his head high. Klipspringers tend to be monogamous, more so than most other antelopes, staying close to the same mate throughout their lifetime. The males are protective of their offspring, keeping watch for predators. Females are slightly larger than the males. When they give birth, it's to a single calf, which is usually hidden for the first few months. All the more reason I was excited to see this adorable little one!
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