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Created 13-Feb-16
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What a handsome boy! He’s just a pound away from being equal to his mom in size - Valerio at 96 pounds, and Nindiri at 97! At 11 months old now, he could be mistaken for another adult, except for the immense size of his paws, giving away the growth yet to come. Many visitors thought they were watching siblings wrestle and play yesterday, when it was actually Nindiri and her son - they went non-stop for over an hour in the coolness of the cave! When one would slow down, the other would start it again with a teasing roll on their back, a paw to the face, or a full body tackle. Yet there was such a gentleness - two powerful cats, each careful to cause no harm, and with complete trust in each other. You’ve taught him well, Nindiri, and he’s becoming a very fine jaguar!
Valerio...Becoming a Jaguar

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