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Created 5-Sep-17
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Ilangha, that tiny little cub we fell in love with during her bottle feeding days, is nine months old, and growing fast! It’s so sweet to see how she's bonding with her buddy Elvis, the love-sponge of a labrador retriever. They're both in training to be Animal Ambassadors and are working with the trainers and keepers every day, so it won’t be long before they’ll be making appearances to the delight of many lucky visitors! I feel so grateful for every chance I get to see a cheetah - my heart still skips a beat in their presence, and it’s a special joy to see this gorgeous growing girl!
Eye to Eye with IlanghaTogethernessAffectionHappy TimesWondercubMaureen and IlanghaHuggable ElvisReady for ActionLanky IlanghaSusan and ElvisLovely Little GirlIlangha and SusanFeistyHappy Cub Face

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