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Created 20-Feb-16
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A visit with Suka is sure to bring on the smiles! Still a mini version of the regal Sumatran tiger, at 5 months old he’s full of youthful joy! He’s a non-stop playing machine, finding all sorts of ways to entertain himself, and everyone watching! Being hand raised, he seems to have a keen awareness of people, sometimes coming to the window to greet his fans, or looking up at a visitor with a twinkle in his eye. And when he’s worn himself out, he stops where he is, his head begins to droop as he loses the fight to keep his eyes open, and it’s time for a cat nap. …Until the next round!
Peek a Boo, I See You!Rawr!Silly SukaEyes of WonderHot on the TrailThings are Looking UpRunning with the BullLife is Good!Tuckered Out TigerFur Face

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