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Created 18-Nov-16
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Polar bears and snow just go together, and the three at the San Diego Zoo get maximum fun out of all the white, cold stuff when it comes their way! Kalluk, Tatqiq, and Chinook had a wonderful time playing in the snow, and their dispositions matched the brightness of the sun in the sky. Kalluk was being extra sweet, giving special attention to both his sister, Tatqiq, and his girlfriend, Chinook. Fun times bring out the best in everyone, it seems. The joy was contagious and there were smiles on all the faces of us fortunate enough to be there watching!
Blissful Snow!Sister and Brother in a Moment of SweetnessChinook's HaloSnuggling His GirlTatqiq's Coat of Many ColorsTime for a Bath?Cool, Wet, and RefreshingLoving the SnowSweet NothingsA Kiss on the HeadA Girl Likes a Little AffectionA Bear with a Flare

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