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Created 30-Jul-15
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I got a close-up view of little Devi as her mom, Funani, was nudging her around the pool. It looked like a swimming lesson, but hippos don’t actually swim - they move around by pushing off from the bottom or walking in a slow motion gallop, lightly touching with their toes, looking like aquatic ballet dancers. As the two of them moved through the water, Devi came close to the window to delight her fans, then moved back to the center of the pool to show off her rolling over skills, pausing with all four feet up! Every now and then, Funani pushed her to the surface to get some air. Adult hippos can hold their breath under water for about 5 minutes, but a newborn can only hold it’s breath for 40 seconds. it’s not long before a young hippo can remain under water for about 2 minutes before needing air. Devi was born March 23rd, 2015, so she’s four months old now and growing fast. It’s fun to watch her gain confidence in the water with the help of her wonderful mom!
Hello Little Hippo!A Baby with BuoyancyHappy Half-pint Hippo

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