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Created 16-Oct-16
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It’s great going to the San Diego Zoo and enjoying the amazing number of different species of animals. It’s even more fun than when I used to pull out the animal cookies one by one from that little box, and name each one of them, before I popped them in my mouth and ate them! Somehow, though, I don’t remember any cookies shaped like a mongoose.
The Face of a Maned WolfThe Bright and Beautiful ToucanProud Mama and the Mongoose FamilyMini MongooseBest BudsThe Condor - Helping to Keep California CleanDownward Facing SquirrelDevi Going for a SwimYou Don't Need to Tell Me to Come Out of My ShelllZoe, Tiny and Fast as LightningMama Fig and the Figlets at One Day OldKlipspringer -  LIke Something from a Fairy Tale

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