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Created 3-Jun-16
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I’m forever fascinated and impressed with the relationship between Nindiri and her son, Valerio. She’s taught him well and it’s clear they have something very special. Valerio’s never been one to pester his mom, but clearly loves to be with her. Nindiri gets a little grumpy now and then, but Valerio doesn’t seem to take it personally. And usually it’s just a few minutes later that mom is teasing her boy and initiating a game of chase and wrestle. Valerio brings out the sweetest part of Nindiri. It seems like she’s raised the perfect playmate, and is enjoying every moment! And so are we!
Valerio Let's His Voice Be HeardNot Just a Mom, But a Mouthful!Oh, Handsome Boy!Please, May I Have More?A Hug and a Nibble from her BoyThe Boy on the MoveNindiri Gives Us a SmileMixing It UpRelaxed, But on GuardSnugglesComfy CatNindiri Graces Us with a Pose and a LookA (Not So) Soft Place to Lay Your HeadA Sweet Moment of Silliness from Nindiri

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