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Created 5-Aug-16
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I’ve often made my way to the cheetah exhibit at Safari Park in hopes of seeing Addison and her six cubs, but as cats will do, they were usually out of sight, asleep in the shade. It’s not surprising since they sleep about 20 hours a day. But that makes it all the more special when I happen upon them awake and active! So I was very happily surprised to see these gorgeous 8 month old cubs, so much bigger than last I laid eyes on them, but still young enough to have that extra fluffy fur! Oh, the cheetah is so beautiful - long and lanky, with such graceful movement, a body full of spots and that distinctive mask to adorn the face. And to see not just one cub, but SIX, along with their lovely mom - that was worth the wait!
Spots and a SmileCat Walk, Cheetah StyleThings ar Looking UpCheerful CheetahA Soft Place to LayBright Eyed and Fluffy FurredPiercing GazeBackward GlancePolka Dot PajamasYou've Been Spotted

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