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Created 12-May-16
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It’s amazing how after all these visits to the San Diego Zoo, I keep seeing something I’ve never seen before! I knew that Valerio had gotten pretty good at catching fish, but yesterday I got to see his amazing skills with my own eyes! I didn’t get many photos, since much of the viewing area was not accessible due to maintenance work. But to see the way this young jaguar has learned the fine art of hunting was quite a sight! He would watch for a fish and dive with a splash, then slither through the water after it, with the grace of an otter, often staying under for some time. He caught two fish while I watched! Quite impressive!
Ready to GoThe Hunt is OnValerio, the Great Hunter of Fish!Searching for the Next FishPracticiing His Fish-Pouncing SkillsStealth and WatchfulA Good Day FishingValerio, Master of the WaterShake It, Baby!

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