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Created 12-Sep-19
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Abigail update - She was smiling in these pre-surgery photos, and she’s still smiling now! Even though Abigail has been restricted by wearing a plastic cone for over three weeks now, she has kept her happy attitude. She has a raw sore at the top of her suture sight that I’m treating with Neosporin, and until that heals, the cone has to stay. We’re all looking forward to getting it off! She manages to find joy in the games we play, treats and meals, and sheer togetherness. She got her sutures removed last week, and next week she gets her 4 week x-rays to see how the healing is going. If we get the okay, rehab will start soon after. Even now she’s often in her belly up position, knowing it makes us smile, and might just get her a belly rub. I’m thankful, knowing progress is being made, even though it seems very slow. And I’m truly thankful for all the kind words, prayers, and love that you all have shown for our girl! Abigail the Golden Retriever
Abigail's Golden SmileLove That Silly Belly!

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