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Created 7-Jul-15
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Any morning watching Valerio play is a treat, but to be lucky enough to catch him swimming in his pool is gallons of good, clean fun! He looked interested when he noticed his gourd bobbing up and down in the middle of the pool, and after a while he couldn’t resist it anymore, and confidently took the plunge. His hunt changed direction a bit when he noticed a stick hanging down from one of the horizontal logs. The stick didn’t have a chance - he grabbed it and proudly swam away with his prey. “See Mom, I can catch things, and this is even better than a fish!” He held it tight while splashing through the water. After a while, the gourd caught his eye again, and he was determined to capture it. He had it, but then it slipped away. Oh no you don’t! Valerio sized up the situation and planned his attack…then, pounce! The gourd was his and Valerio was victorious! Good job, little guy…you rule in the pool!
Valerio Goes for a SwimWater BabyMom Gives a Kiss for ConfidenceI Caught a Stick!Holding Tight to His PreyGood Hunting Little One!I Like Sticks Better Than Fish!All WetValerio Catches the GourdI Have You in My SightsThe Gourd Slipped AwayI Will Hunt You Down!Got It!The Wet Head

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