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Created 26-May-17
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Koalas are such kute and kuddly kreatures, eliciting plenty of “awes” even when they’re asleep and perfectly still - which is often the case! But I was lucky enough to catch this male marsupial in motion, and it put me in a merry mood! His name is Chuckles, and I found him to be quite irresistible! Full of charisma, he posed in one adorable position after another. He seemed to be mildly aware of how good he was at amusing his fans, but kept his expression dignified and humble. His name sure fits him - I couldn’t help but laugh in his lovable presence!
Kasual KoalaBusy BoyIrresistableDid Someone Say, "Eucalyptus"?Boldly GoingKoala KlimberYou're the Top!Charming ChucklesKoality Seating

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