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Created 11-Aug-16
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Polar bears are such impressive creatures, and we’re fortunate to have three at the San Diego Zoo. Kalluk, the male, his sister Tatqiq, and his girlfriend, Chinook. All three have tons of personality to match their incredible size! Kalluk weighs in at about 1200 pounds - that’s a lot of bear! The polar bear is one of the two largest species of bear. The other is the Kodiak bear, which is similar in size. The largest polar bear on record, reportedly weighed 12,209 lbs, and stood 11 ft 1 inches tall on its hindlegs. Our polars have been very active lately, enjoying the recent renovations to the Polar Bear Plunge. The awnings give them more shade to stay cool during the sunny days, and with the beautiful new windows, it’s like seeing them again for the first time! Many thanks to the donors who made it possible to get a clear view of all the amazing details of these wonderful bears!
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