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Created 15-Nov-15
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Or…Ramil, the Romeo, and Penny, the Playful. There’s been romance brewing at the Snow Leopard exhibit over the past few weeks. Ramil and Penny have had a chance to check out enclosures they hadn’t been in before, and also, each other. A door has been open, allowing Penny to cross the overpass and be at the door of Ramil's room - the two of them have taken advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other better, and do some flirting! Since Ramil wasn’t familiar with his area, he got so excited when he saw Penny come to visit that he started to climb the fence to reach her. That didn’t work so well, and he quickly found he could climb the limbs to get up to the door. The fun continued on another day when Penny was having a blast playing with a gourd in a different enclosure. She pawed it around like a kitten with a ball of yarn, but it was much louder as it got whacked against the rocks. Then she carried it to the top of the rocks and pushed it off, bouncing after it from level to level, until it reached the ground. Ramil was watching her every move, and began showing off himself in the enclosure across from hers. He jumped to his highest rock, bounding down to a rock, then fence, the ground and back up again, like a pinball machine. It wasn’t long before she gave in to his invitation and approached his door. Big cat flirting ensued, with much cheek rubbing against each side of the fence, and Penny rolling over to give her cutest look. Wait…did I just see her give him a wink?
Penny's Playful SmileHe's a LookerI Love My Gourd!SmittenWatching the Girl NextdoorWhere For Art Thou, Ramil?Must  Get  The  Girl!Stealing a Moment TogetherFlirtatious Head RubIrresistable CharmLovely GirlStaying SharpStalked the Gourd and Made it MineRuggedly HandsomeSnow PrincessRomance is Hard Work

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