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Created 3-Mar-17
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Here are a few shots from when Satka and Liski were still together. It’s amazing to see even a single one of these gorgeous cats that are so incredibly endangered, but to experience these two sisters interacting was very special. They both were confident leopards that didn’t cling to one another, but every so often they would come together and show the affection between them. There were even a few times I saw moments of all out play, acting like kittens, with a crouched sneaking up, before launching into an animated chase. Liski is now at the Staten Island Zoo so both girls are on their own, but each has a male Amur leopard they'll be getting to know, with hopes of adding some cubs to the small population that remains. Here’s hoping for success for Satka and Liski, and for the Amur leopard species.
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